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Todd Caputo is a seasoned professional in the retail automotive industry with extensive experience managing both independent and franchise dealerships in New York. He currently runs a consulting firm that collaborates with vendors, tech creators, and top dealerships across the country. His mission is to elevate businesses and their teams to the highest levels of success through strategic guidance and innovative solutions.

What We Discuss In This Episode:

In this episode, Todd Caputo and I discuss the crucial topic of leadership and people development. Todd emphasizes the importance of truly leading and inspiring a team, rather than merely managing them. He shares personal anecdotes about learning to communicate effectively and build trust within his organization. This segment is packed with actionable insights on cultivating a positive workplace culture and developing future leaders.

We also delve into the rapidly evolving role of technology and AI in the automotive industry. Todd provides a balanced view, discussing the potential benefits of AI in improving operational efficiency while cautioning against the loss of personal touch in customer interactions. His forward-thinking perspective sheds light on how dealerships can leverage technology without compromising on customer relationships.

One of the most compelling parts of our conversation is Todd’s take on the recent CDK Global cyber incident. He offers a detailed account of the situation’s impact on dealerships nationwide and discusses the broader implications for the industry. This timely topic underscores the vulnerabilities businesses face in the digital age and the importance of robust cybersecurity measures.

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