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Yaron Rosen is the CEO of Fuse Autotech, a company revolutionizing the automotive retail experience with its innovative point-of-sale system. Yaron’s career began in the Israeli Air Force, where he rose to the rank of general and served as the chief of the IDF Cyber Staff. After retiring from the military, he founded two cybersecurity startups before taking the helm at Fuse Autotech. Yaron’s unique blend of military discipline, entrepreneurial spirit, and technological expertise positions him as a thought leader in both cybersecurity and automotive retail.

What We Discuss In This Episode:

A significant portion of our discussion centers on the recent CDK outage, a massive cyberattack that disrupted operations for many dealerships. Yaron provides expert analysis on the event, highlighting the vulnerabilities in current systems and the critical need for robust cybersecurity measures in the automotive industry. He offers practical advice for dealerships on how to safeguard against similar attacks, emphasizing the importance of preparedness and proactive security protocols.

Introducing Fuse Autotech’s revolutionary point-of-sale system, Yaron explains how this technology is designed to streamline dealership operations, enhance efficiency, and improve the customer experience. We discuss the system’s features, such as integrated desking, credit applications, compliance, and F&I menus, and how it transforms the traditional dealership model. Yaron shares success stories from dealerships that have adopted Fuse, illustrating the tangible benefits and efficiencies gained.

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