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In this episode of the David Spisak Show, David shares his thoughts about parenting children in a modern, connected world. Things are much different today than in the past; that goes without saying. Children have more access to information at their fingertips than at any other time in our history. That creates new challenges for parents as they seek the best ways to augment their child’s learning and provide opportunities for them to grow.

“It’s our job to add and augment what the teachers teach them at school. Reading, writing, arithmetic, history, or other subjects. If we want our kids to win, I want you to consider right now what you’ve learned about what it takes to win and what it takes to win. It takes patience. It takes discipline. It takes being able to put off the things that you want for as long as possible. It takes putting in the hard work and commitment—a relentless nature, a resilient nature. It takes being able to be adaptable to any personality. It takes having a mindset that if it is to be, it is up to me.”

As parents, we must demonstrate the attitudes and behaviors that will empower our children to succeed.

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