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In this eye-opening episode, I sit down with Justin Shanken, the founder and CEO of Black Breach, to uncover the alarming realities of cybersecurity threats facing the automotive retail industry. As the recent CDK Global ransomware attack has demonstrated, dealerships across the country are at significant risk, with potential losses estimated between $600 million and $1 billion. But what exactly happened, and how can dealerships defend themselves?

What We Discuss In This Episode:

Justin takes us behind the scenes of this massive breach, offering a detailed analysis of the attack and its far-reaching implications. From his days as a counterintelligence special agent in the Army to leading Black Breach, Justin brings a wealth of expertise to the table, revealing the critical need for continuous monitoring and compliance with FTC regulations. Think your dealership’s cybersecurity measures are sufficient? Think again.

We also discuss the intricacies of cyber insurance, highlighting real-life stories of denied claims and the misconceptions that leave dealerships vulnerable. Justin introduces us to the concept of “ransomware as a service”—a thriving business model for cybercriminals—and explains how these attacks are more sophisticated and frequent than ever before. Could your dealership be the next target?

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Justin shares proactive steps that dealerships can take to strengthen their defenses, from regular vulnerability testing to understanding the difference between IT security and cybersecurity. We wrap up with a powerful discussion on the geopolitical implications of cyber attacks and what dealerships must do to stay ahead of these evolving threats.

Curious to know what a ransomware attack really entails and how it could cripple your business? Want to learn practical steps to protect your dealership from becoming the next headline? Tune in to this compelling episode to uncover the truth about cybersecurity in the automotive industry and discover how to fortify your defenses against the inevitable. Don’t miss out—your dealership’s future might depend on it.

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