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One of our biggest challenges is that we tend to undervalue ourselves. We think we’re not good enough or don’t have what it takes to succeed. In this episode of The David Spisak Show, David provides a glimpse into how he discovered this truth and offers advice to others struggling to see their inner power and strength.

Notes From This Episode:

04:23 – Over the last year, David has been fortunate to participate in Glenn Lundy’s clubhouse room, “Breakfast With Champions.” He’s been able to focus more time on giving back to people pursuing their definition of success. In that process, many have sent David direct messages, pouring their hearts out to him, asking for advice, and sharing their struggles.

One of the hardest things for me is when somebody writes to me. An incredibly genuine, honest, raw, heartfelt DM expressing that they are so far away from what I just described, and you know what, it sincerely touches me at times. It breaks my heart. I’ve read DMS that I feel like my bones left my body.

And I think perhaps because I can relate so much to what they’re talking about because I lived all of that. I received a DM not long ago from somebody in that situation. And I would love to tell you, um, that it’s. As uncommon as I believe this person is, and we all are, it’s not; it’s so much more common than we would like to believe.

It’s so much more common than we would be led to believe by the countless post stories, reals that are on social media, depicting the perfect life, the perfect day, the perfect moment. Depicting people as if everything could not possibly be better, but one of my favorite quotes is kind, everyone’s fighting a battle, and the post or the DM that I got recently was such a vivid reminder of that.”

10:15 – David has noticed that most humans do the most common thing: undervalue themselves. Suppose we were to ask everybody around us to give an unbelievably honest assessment of the collective value of ourselves as people, as friends, and as coworkers. How would we rate ourselves out of 10?

“Everyone in this country and this world rate themselves with a lower score than their contemporaries, friends, associates, family members.”

14:06 – Each of us has the opportunity to make the choices that either move us forward or push us backward.

Listen to the full episode for even more powerful insights about the importance of reinvention.

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