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Arnold Gacita is the President/CEO at Petra Automotive Products.

In this episode, we sat down with Arnold Gacita, a visionary leader and the driving force behind Petra, a cutting-edge automotive chemical company. With his distinct insights and unconventional approach, Arnold is steering his company through a sea of changes, providing a roadmap for the entire industry. Tune in as we explore his remarkable journey, unique strategies, and insights into navigating the electric vehicle (EV) revolution.

Episode Highlights:

Discover Opportunity in EVs: The electric vehicle revolution has been generating both excitement and anxiety. Listen to this episode to learn how Petra is creating products for EVs and supporting dealerships in staying relevant and profitable.

Electric Vehicle Transformation: Dive into the heart of the matter as we discuss the electric vehicle transformation that’s sweeping the automotive industry. Arnold unveils an intriguing list of over 256 products his company offers for EVs, proving that innovation doesn’t mean abandoning traditional service departments.

Collaboration with OEMs: Discover the hidden dynamics between Arnold’s company and OEMs. We explore how they collaborate, create white-label products, and forge ahead to ensure a thriving partnership amidst the EV revolution.

A Forward-Thinking Approach: Arnold and I delve into the future, where electric vehicles are becoming more prominent. We explore how Petra is ahead of the curve, preparing for change and helping dealerships adapt and thrive in this new era.

Arnold’s Game Changer: “Battery for Life”: Arnold Gacita introduces us to the game-changing concept known as “Battery for Life.” It’s not just a financial boon for dealerships; it’s a groundbreaking innovation that could redefine your EV ownership experience. Find out why “Battery for Life” has everyone talking.

Countering the EV Battery Conundrum: Ever wondered about the steep costs of EV batteries? Arnold sheds light on how Petra’s products can turn this concern into a non-issue. Discover how this innovative solution becomes a powerful retention tool for dealers and reassures potential EV buyers.

The EV Wars: Who Will Emerge Victorious?: David and Arnold delve into the heated competition among EV manufacturers. While Tesla currently dominates the market, Arnold shares his insights on whether other giants like Toyota and General Motors can challenge the EV titan. The answer might surprise you.

Why Listen to This Episode

Join us on this dynamic conversation and gain the insights you need to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of the automotive industry.

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