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In this episode David Spisak, sits down with the automotive industry innovator and retail expert, David Steinberg. David Steinberg is an incredibly interesting person, respected for his accomplishments in the automotive industry and as a thought leader in sales enablement.

However, beyond his professional achievements, Steinberg is known for his insatiable curiosity and love for woodworking. Through their conversation, they uncover valuable insights that could revolutionize the automotive industry.

Episode Highlights:

The Superpower of Curiosity: Is curiosity the greatest superpower for success? Both share their personal experiences, illustrating how curiosity and creativity go hand in hand. They explore how curiosity fosters creativity, leading to breakthroughs in both personal and professional life.

The Importance of Sales Process and Data in Automotive: David Steinberg draws parallels between his passion for woodworking and the fundamental importance of sales processes in automotive. He emphasizes the significance of strong fundamentals in the sales process and how it can greatly impact a dealership’s success.

The Rise of Sales Enablement: We explore how sales enablement is a booming category outside the automotive industry but has not yet gained significant traction within it. David Steinberg raises crucial points about the potential held back by CRM and DMS providers. The conversation delves into how disruption and open platforms, like Tekion, could potentially reshape the industry and elevate the value of data.

The Need for Legal Frameworks: The discussion touches upon legal issues related to data ownership and vendor contracts. David Steinberg sheds light on how vendors may assert ownership over dealership data, potentially hindering data-sharing and innovation. He points out the legal implications dealerships should consider when partnering with vendors.

  • The Data Dilemma: Charging for Access
  • Antitrust Suits and the Future of Data Charging
  • Identity Theft and Monetization of Data

AI’s Role in the Automotive Industry: They explore the importance of human interaction and building trust with customers, even as AI becomes more prevalent in various dealership processes.

Dealership and OEM Evolution: They speculate on the future possibilities for franchise agreements and revenue streams in the automotive industry.

Throughout this episode, David Spisak and David Steinberg explore the uncharted territory of curiosity, data analytics, and sales enablement in the automotive industry. They uncover valuable insights that could transform the way dealerships approach their sales processes and data utilization.

Tune in to discover how curiosity and data could be the driving forces for automotive innovation.

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