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In this episode of The David Spisak show, David breaks down the difference between the ideal or fantasy of being an entrepreneur versus what the reality of entrepreneurship looks like. Over the last year, David has had the pleasure of meeting over 4,000 entrepreneurs and has gained first-hand insights into their struggles, their questions, their hardships, their successes, and what gets them excited.

Social media has created an environment where the false perception of entrepreneurship runs rampant. There are those perpetuating the idea that with minimal work, one can enjoy the life of their dreams. In David’s observation, that harms the people who are doing the work.

It takes work to succeed, not just in business but daily life. It takes work for relationships with loved ones to thrive. It takes work for relationships at work and with clients to thrive. It requires responsibility and showing care and concern for people. It requires us to be reliable. It takes long hours.

There is a big difference between saying you’re an entrepreneur and actually being an entrepreneur. The commitment to the authentic is higher; it requires more grit. It’s filled with failure and lessons. It requires more time than anyone is willing to admit.

We must get clear on where we want to end up and forget about the fake gurus or those that try and make it sound like with a simple flip of a switch, you can live the life of your dreams.

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