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In this episode of The David Spisak Show, David sits down to share how we can learn from past work experience to discover how it shaped who we are today. An impromptu conversation with one of his employees gave room for a compelling discussion about how we all can take a look at our past to empower our growth for the future. Each of our past experiences helped create the personal attributes and skills that we utilize in our daily lives

What David shares in this episode:

  • David learns some surprising news about one of his team member’s previous work experience as a corn pollinator. This triggers an impromptu masterclass about how we each can learn from our previous work experience to empower what we do next.
  • Knowledge is a big deal. Taking action on the knowledge is an even bigger deal.
  • How can we rewind the tape and discover what
  • David recommends that you think about your first job and internalize what you learned and if there is anything you took away that you were able to apply to your next job.
  • People are prone to stagnate and are prone to dissatisfaction because they never take the time to leverage what they have learned.
  • Until David took the time to figure out why he felt stuck as an employee,
  • The Navy taught David the level of discipline required to accel in life. Discipline is a choice in life, but it isn’t in the military. It’s a requirement — a baseline expectation.
  • Discipline allows you to have supreme confidence not just in yourself but also in the people you work with. Does that count for something? Does it boost morale? Dees, does it help with job satisfaction?

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