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Procrastination is a dilemma that plagues many people throughout the world. It’s easy to convince ourselves that there is always more time, yet many of our goals go unaccomplished.

In this episode of The David Spisak Show, David shares how he breaks down time to ensure he’s not wasting any of it. We all have the same amount of hours in a day, days in a week, and weeks in a month; however, those who accomplish uncommon levels of success look at their time differently.

The first thing David does at the beginning of a year is he breaks the 12 months into six periods. Doing so allows him to create goals and actions that map to smaller phase lines of time and adds enough urgency to keep taking action.

He cautions those who get complacent in taking action. Just because you had one or two good quarters doesn’t mean the game is over. He shares a sports analogy as follows:

“So if I’m already ahead of my plan halfway through, I don’t want to take my foot off the gas. I want to keep going. And the reason I bring this up is low and behold, you know, at the end of September. We were three quarters through the year, now we’re down to the last quarter.

Something magical happens whether you’re watching basketball, whether you’re watching football, and all of a sudden, that beginning of the fourth quarter, whether the team is ahead or behind now it, grabs the attention of the viewer. And why is that? Well, it’s because no matter what happened in the first three-quarters of that contest, how they finish matters.”

Listen to the full episode for valuable insights about how to stop wasting time and achieve uncommon success from David Spisak.

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