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Humble the Poet is a former school teacher turned creative. What began as reciting spoken word poetry in coffee shops to impress girls evolved into a creative adventure that has spanned the last 10 years; crossing genres, mediums and oceans. He’s now an author, hip-hop artist, speaker, designer, filmmaker, and creative consultant.

What we discuss in this episode:

  • When you go through a difficult time, there are two stages: Reaction and response. Reaction can lock people in. Response can unleash or liberate us. Humble suggests that you own the reaction but it’s about prioritizing how short you can make that reaction so that you can focus on formulating your response.
  • It’s important to voluntarily experiencing challenges so that you can practice your response to difficult circumstances. Humble The Poet practices his breathing to help maintain control of the circumstances of life.
  • David asks if there is a connection between humility and spirituality
  • When experiencing trauma it is important to hold space for yourself; to know what you need when you need it. Maybe it’s watching TV all day or ordering fast food — it’s important to show more kindness to yourself so that you can navigate the storms of life paying closer attention to your needs.
  • Humble The Poet speaks to the importance of finder the deeper meaning of your purpose on earth. Pharrell Williams taught him that curiosity and continuing to ask questions is a key element to a fulfilling life. It’s our duty to ask questions and to give ourselves cause to think at a deeper level.

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