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Jason Stein, a media and business professional with 25 years of journalism experience across multiple platforms, is a leading personality in the global automotive space. Mr. Stein is the CEO of Flat Six Media, a global media services and broadcasting platform, and serves as President and Corporate Development Officer at motormindz, Inc., a global automotive venture consultancy.

In this episode, David and Jason discussed about the significant changes in the industry, including the increase in used car inventory, the fall of used car prices, and the change in interest rates. The conversation also touched on how the connection between consumers and dealers is stronger than ever.

David mentioned that last year, the industry was paying over-index for used cars, and this year there is a significant increase in the number of cars in stock. He also highlighted how last year, cars were selling over sticker, but this year, dealers are seeing the word “mini” coming in.

We also discuss the resiliency of American car dealers and their ability to reinvent themselves in times of crisis, such as during the pandemic. The conversation then shifts to the host’s show, Cars and Culture, and its evolution. Jason shares his goal of taking the show to network TV and using video to enhance the audio experience. The show focuses on the interconnectivity of the car industry and the passion and love that people have for cars, regardless of their political affiliations.

Jason passion for cars is evident in his interviews with fascinating guests who share their stories about their love of cars. The show is evolving and expanding, with a goal of reaching a wider audience through network TV. This episode is an engaging and informative conversation about the enduring love of cars and how it brings people together.

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