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Jimmy Douglas is the founder and CEO of Plug, an online marketplace that facilitates wholesale buying and selling of used EVs among a network of dealers and fleet operators. Jimmy brings unique expertise due to years of experience at the helm of the world’s largest EV remarketing operation at Tesla, a career that originates on the front lines of dealership fixed ops, and Silicon Valley connection as a startup investor and entrepreneur.

What We Discuss In This Episode:

  1. EV Market Trends: We delve into the current landscape of the EV market and why it’s dominating conversations in the automotive industry. Are EVs the new frontier of retail automotive?
  2. Jimmy’s Tesla Odyssey: Jimmy shares his fascinating journey from working in a dealership to becoming an integral part of Tesla during the tumultuous Model 3 production era. Get ready for some behind-the-scenes tales!
  3. The EV Growth Curve: Is the EV market still in its infancy? Jimmy and I explore the undeniable growth trajectory of electric vehicles, debunking myths and foreseeing a future beyond early adopters.
  4. Used EVs and Market Dynamics: We dissect the used EV market, highlighting the challenges and opportunities for dealers. Discover why 2024 might just be the year of the used EV.
  5. Longevity of EVs: A deep dive into the longevity of high-voltage battery packs. How long can these cars last, and what does it mean for the future of the used EV market? Jimmy sheds light on the topic.
  6. Expert Dealers and EV Success: Uncover the secrets of the 3% of dealers moving 30% of the used EV market. From culture to acquisition strategies, we explore what sets these experts apart in navigating the EV landscape.
  7. 2024: The Year of the Used EV: Jimmy predicts a groundbreaking year for used EVs. We discuss the impact of Hertz’s decision, tax incentives, and the sudden accessibility of EVs at attractive price points.

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