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In this episode I had the pleasure of sitting down with the remarkable Liza Borches, President and CEO at Carter Myers Automotive, to discuss the secrets behind their automotive success.

Liza and I explore the concept of creating an “everyone wins” culture in the automotive business. From the vital role of skilled technicians to the often misunderstood concept of profit, we unravel the layers of what makes a dealership truly successful. Liza shares her thoughts on how profit isn’t a dirty word but rather a measure of the value created for both associates and customers.

We touch upon the essence of renowned companies like Amazon and Apple and how their profitability is linked to public admiration. Liza explains why putting people over profits is not a contradiction but, in fact, a symbiotic relationship where profits enable a focus on the well-being of associates and customers alike.

But our conversation goes beyond the internal workings of dealerships. Liza sheds light on the importance of fostering strong relationships with OEMs, vendors, and, most importantly, customers. We explore the shift from transactional selling to creating an enriching ownership experience for customers, emphasizing the need to understand their individual needs and aspirations.

As we navigate through various aspects of the automotive industry, we also uncover the strategies employed by Carter Myers Automotive to build trust and collaboration with the community, vendors, and OEMs. Liza shares the secrets behind their “everyone wins” philosophy, and we discover the power of genuine connections in moving lives forward.

Are you ready to discover why the automotive world is transforming faster than ever before? Liza and I tackle the pressing questions that matter most:

  1. The Tech Revolution: How has technology transformed the auto industry, and what impact does it have on both customers and associates? Get ready for an eye-opening discussion on the true cost of tech in the dealership.
  2. Recruiting and Retaining Talent: Why is it increasingly challenging to attract top talent to the automotive world? We dissect the work-life balance dilemma and offer innovative ideas to reshape industry culture.
  3. People First Philosophy: Dive into the core values that drive success at Carter Myers Automotive: “People First, Everyone Wins, and Always Progressing Forward.” Discover how prioritizing people sets the stage for profitable growth and community impact.
  4. Balancing Profit and Purpose: Learn why profit is not a dirty word but a force for good. Explore how thriving businesses like CMA can make a profound difference in their communities while maintaining profitability.

Listen to the full episode to uncover how automotive excellence is achieved through people-centricity, entrepreneurship, and community impact.

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