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Many of the current-day operational shifts in retail automotive are driven by consumers’ ever-evolving expectations and habits. Therefore, it is essential to ‘future-proof’ your dealership by putting processes in place now. As a result of A2Z Sync’s one-person sales methodology, retailers have been able to expand their businesses. As we continue our look at the one-person sales approach and its effects on the customer experience.

In this episode of the David Spisak Show, we will discuss the one-person sales concept and how it influences the customer experience.

As the world adjusts to a new standard, many businesses are having trouble balancing online and in-person encounters, so please join us in welcoming Natalia Giner, CEO of A2Z Sync. The customer service process has been a minefield for auto dealerships.

Natalia has worked in the automobile industry for over 20 years. She has brought her expertise to A2Z Sync to provide customers with a revolutionary experience, primarily focusing on developing innovative, client-centric services. She has been in charge of the A2Z platform’s development team for the past three years, during which numerous dealers have successfully converted to the One-Person Sales Model. With a background in product development and business consulting, she is well-suited to her role of advising dealers on adapting to the automobile industry’s changing face.

A2Z Sync set out to transform the traditional retail industry. A2Z Sync provides operational readiness evaluations, extensive in-dealership training, and continuing technical and training assistance to aid its clients in making the switch to a One-Person Sales Model. To ensure the continued success of its software platform, A2Z Sync creates a bespoke implementation plan for each dealer.

Key Takeaways

  • The modern automobile customer is impatient for service, wants answers immediately, and values convenience. Thanks to this revolutionary software, a single salesperson can handle the vast majority of a transaction by themselves.
  • Consistent and unified service throughout the journey is crucial to ensuring your dealership and staff offer the most outstanding digital client experience. We will show you how to take these services beyond your dealership’s doors while still catering to your customers’ needs.
  • Reduced transaction times, greater PVR, more satisfied customers, and lower employee turnover are just some of the benefits one-person sales models provide to dealers. Since they deal with clients one-to-one, they can establish deeper bonds of trust and loyalty.

Every salesman has their own system, and it might be anything from one car per month to ten vehicles every month, but Without a clearly defined process, there are likely a hundred different ways of doing things. Many people throw up their hands in frustration when faced with the procedure. However, there is a reason why FedEx and Amazon both adhere to such strict guidelines; these two companies have a secret weapon: a well-defined method.

However, from the client’s perspective, transparency is also desired. They desire shared authority over a process. But if you don’t have a strategy, how can you offer them joint jurisdiction over it? And thus, Not only is it beneficial to me as a dealer because I can do things my way, but it also benefits me as a customer because I can do things the way I want.

But how can we tell if we are winning or losing if we don’t examine the process and identify areas for improvement?

Find out how to set your dealership apart by providing a more personalized and exciting experience.

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