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Scott Joseph is the CEO, visonary and founder of J&L Marketing which is considered one of the leading digital advertising and direct marketing agencies serving some of the world’s most successful and aspirational brands such as; Shell Oil, BMW, Mopar, Stellantis, Fastline, Melindas and more.

But Scott doesn’t stop there; he’s also the visionary behind the groundbreaking event, Business Bourbon and Cigars.

David and Scott dive deep into what sets the Business Bourbon and Cigars event apart from the rest, highlighting the power of combining dealers and vendors for meaningful industry discussions.

What We Discuss in The Episode:

1. Strategic Thinking and Adaptation: Scott Joseph and David Spisak delve into the essence of strategic thinking and its importance in staying ahead of the curve. They discuss how Business, Bourbon, and Cigars events provide an ideal platform for leaders to brainstorm and share insights, fostering innovation and the courage to adapt.

2. The Power of Networking: Through engaging stories and anecdotes, Scott and David emphasize the power of networking and surrounding oneself with diverse minds. They shed light on how the right circle of influence can lead to remarkable growth and opportunities in both business and personal spheres.

3. Leadership and Resilience: The episode highlights the significance of leadership in uncertain times. Scott Joseph shares his personal experiences, showcasing how effective leadership can not only drive success but also act as a guiding light during challenges.

4. Turnover and the Changing Landscape: The hosts address the evolving landscape of the automotive industry, touching on the issue of turnover and its potential consequences. They emphasize the need for dealers and leaders to strategize and adapt in order to navigate these changes effectively.

Scott shares valuable insights on the art of data-driven marketing strategy. He emphasizes how the right strategy can redefine success, transcending budgets and transforming how dealerships engage with their audience. With over three decades in the industry, Scott’s perspective on the future of marketing, shifting trends, and the dealer-vendor relationship is invaluable.

David and Scott discuss the shifting marketing landscape and the lessons learned from the industry’s recent challenges. Scott’s perspective on intentionality in marketing echoes his commitment to delivering value that goes beyond the surface, and he’s joined by David in emphasizing the importance of understanding the unique dynamics of the automotive ecosystem.

Discover how surrounding yourself with the right minds can lead to exceptional growth and success in business.

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