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Have you ever noticed that there are so many great ideas for products and services that never make it to the finish line? Many people struggle to get their idea from concept to execution or their product from prototype to production. Why is that?

In this episode of The David Spisak Show, David explains why merely showing up isn’t enough. Hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs say they want “it” badly. They’ve seemingly put in the time and committed. Some are quitting jobs to pursue their passion but never can find enough thrust to lift off.

Woody Allen has a quote from years where he said, “80% of success is showing up.” That sounds pretty good, right? Is showing up enough? David shares that concept through the analogy of going to school. “We know that showing up to school isn’t enough. After showing up, we still have to learn the subject matter. We still have to study. We still have to have repetition and practice over and over again. Merely sitting at our desks doesn’t guarantee a good grade. We still must put in the work.”

Listen to the full episode as David breaks down what you need to know to achieve uncommon success in business and life.

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