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Todd Baldwin is a Real-Estate Millionaire, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Specialist, and a YouTube Partner with Google. Baldwin was interviewed with CNBC for his unique real estate strategy that made him a multi-millionaire in his mid-20s. In this episode of The David Spisak show, we explore how Todd achieved uncommon success and what aspects of his upbringing shaped his determination to succeed.

How Todd Baldwin Built His Real Estate Empire By Age 30:

01:47 – Todd earns over $1 million per year wholesaling houses, and as David points out, we live in a spectacular era where you don’t have to be old and established to make something big happen for yourself.

04:14 – Todd explains that wholesaling houses means that you basically buy the right to purchase a property and you get the property on assignment, and then you can take that contract and sell it to an investor on a margin.

Todd typically looks for people who are selling their house “For sale by owner” who don’t want to work with a realtor, or who don’t want to post on Redfin or Zillow. As such Todd works with homeowners to get what they want for the home and if he can sell it at a margin, he keeps the difference.

06:06 – As a college dropout, Todd began working a commission sales job and it didn’t take long to earn six figures. He recounts that “I took every red cent that wasn’t going to food and shelter, and I used that to buy real estate…by 27 I was a real-estate millionaire.”

08:21 – Todd takes advantage of social media groups that are relevant to his niche of real estate. “I joined all of the real estate groups in the Pacific Northwest that range from 500 – 30,000 people… I’ve scrubbed through those and found the serious people who actually are real legitimate investors and I bring them the deals or they bring me deals and we can collaborate on projects together.”

09:29 – Todd dropped out of school but doesn’t recommend that path. David believes that it worked for Todd because he had the commitment and the discipline to not spend money. In addition, David explains his observation that Todd had a high level of purpose and intention to take everything that Todd could possibly save and allow that money to start making him money by going and acquiring real estate.

The challenge for most people is that when they make extra money, they rapidly look for ways to spend it on depreciating assets like car payments.

14:00 – Self-sufficiency has become a faux pas, but it is a clear differentiator between those that live in their comfort zone and those that rise to uncommon levels of success. If you want something, you need to have a firm enough belief in yourself to go and do it and put in the work. David adds that in this day in age you literally can design the life you want to live, provided you have a high level of commitment.

18:22 – David asks, “I’m really curious. When you were 5, 6, or 7 years old how would your parents or siblings describe you? What were you like as a child?” Todd explains the sad truth that his father was a wife-beater and child molester. “The first bit of my life was watching my dad abuse my mom. We eventually got away from him and he went to jail.” Todd recounts that while his father was in jail, his mother was receiving eviction notices. “It turns out that instead of making mortgage payments, my father was off spending the money on drugs and gambling.”

20:36 – Todd remembers looking at himself in the mirror at the age of 12 and exclaiming, “By the time you are thirty years old, you will make a million dollars a year.” Happily, Todd achieved that goal!

Listen to the full episode for even more powerful insights about going from nothing to becoming a real estate millionaire by the age of 30.

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