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Welcome to another episode of the David Spisak show, where we dive deep into the world of automotive innovation. Today, I’m thrilled to be joined by a seasoned industry expert and the Vice President of Global Revenue for XPEL, Mr. Tony Rimas. Together, we explore the cutting-edge tech revolutionizing the automotive space, going beyond traditional perceptions of technology.

Tony Rimas is a dynamic professional with an impressive background in retail automotive, venture capital, and technology. Former co-founder and managing director of FM Capital and President of Repairify, Tony brings a wealth of experience and insights to the table.

What We Discuss In This Episode:

  1. The Tech Revolution in Retail Automotive: Uncover the latest technological advancements making waves in the automotive industry, challenging conventional norms.
  2. XPEL’s Impact on Dealerships: Discover how XPEL, a global leader in paint protection film, window tint, and ceramic coatings, is transforming the automotive landscape.
  3. Cultural Innovation at XPEL’sl: Explore the unique culture at XPEL that sets it apart, embracing a “There’s No Tomorrow” mindset, pushing boundaries and fostering a commitment to excellence.
  4. The Role of PPF, Window Tint, and Ceramic Coatings: Delve into the significance of these products in enhancing customer satisfaction, dealership revenue, and fixed operations.
  5. Tech Integration in Customer Pay Services: Uncover the analog integrations XPEL has undertaken, boosting customer pay services and internal operations.
  6. Tony’s Entrepreneurial Journey: Gain insights into Tony’s journey from venture capital to his current role, and understand the driving force behind his passion for continuous growth and innovation.

Join us in this engaging conversation as we unravel the dynamic world of automotive tech, sharing stories, experiences, and lessons that shape the future of the industry. Get ready to be inspired and informed on how innovation is driving success in the automotive realm.

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