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From his humble beginnings working as a car washer at just 15 years old to purchasing his first Toyota dealership at age 30 to now owning a successful automotive group, Troy Duhon understands the importance of knowing every aspect of the car business. Thanks to his dedication, Premier Automotive has been able to thrive over the years, but the legacy our owner and founder hopes to leave is not of the many dealerships he owns, but the community involvement and customers’ lives he touches through his employees.

Join me in this episode as I have a conversation with the Troy Duhon. Learn more about Troy Duhon’s auto beginnings and the various ways he gives back to the communities his dealerships serve. From building orphanages through his Giving Hope foundation or helping to prepare hot meals for those in need, Troy Duhon and his auto group are here for you.

This episode goes beyond the auto industry; it delves into how one person can make an impact when guided by a purpose that goes beyond mere profit.

We’ll delve into how Hurricane Katrina, an event that forever altered Troy’s life, changed his perspective on business. It’s fascinating to see how such life-altering experiences can shape someone’s trajectory.

What We Discuss In This Episode:

 The Power of Purpose-Driven Business

We’ll explore why it’s crucial for every business, including dealerships, to have a strong “why” that goes beyond profit. Troy will share his journey from chasing wealth to becoming a “dream maker “. Shed light on how purpose-driven business models can not only transform your organization but also positively impact your community.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Leaders

Discover the effect created by Troy and his team at Giving Hope as they make significant contributions to communities both locally and globally. You’ll learn how you can get involved and become part of this inspiring movement that changes lives for the better.

In addition Troy, with his extensive experience managing 35 dealerships offers insights into navigating the evolving landscape of the auto industry.

We also dive into the ways that car dealerships can adapt to the challenges they face, connect with the generation and foster a culture focused on purpose and community engagement.

We’ll explore how Troy’s dedication to serving the community has attracted a wave of employees and why businesses that prioritize impact resonate with today’s workforce.

Troy’s incredible transformation from a dealer to a leader will push you to reconsider your views on business while inspiring you to discover your own “why.” We’ll delve into the power of purpose-driven businesses showcasing how one person’s commitment to community service can create an effect transforming both organizations and communities. If you’re looking to make an impact, in both your business and personal life this episode is a must listen.

Get ready to tune and uncover the secrets of becoming a “dream maker” in your unique way.

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