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Scott Case is the co-founder and CEO of Recurrent, a data science company committed to making it easier for people to buy and own electric vehicles.Prior to founding Recurrent, Scott spent 10 years as Chief Operating Officer at an energy efficiency software company called EnergySavvy.

With years of experience in the automotive industry, Scott brings invaluable insights into the rapid evolution of EV technology and its implications for dealerships and consumers alike.

What We Discuss In This Episode:

1. The Future of EV Infrastructure:

We delve into the challenges automakers face in transitioning to EVs and the long-term implications for infrastructure development. Scott shares insights into the shifting dynamics of cost and functionality, offering a glimpse into the future of transportation.

2. The Rise of Used EVs:

With millions of EVs hitting the road, we explore the burgeoning market for used electric vehicles. Scott breaks down the factors driving growth in the pre-owned EV segment and highlights the opportunities it presents for dealerships and consumers.

3. The Impact of Battery Technology:

As EV batteries continue to evolve, Scott discusses the game-changing potential of solid-state batteries and their role in reshaping the automotive landscape. We explore how advancements in battery technology are extending the lifespan of EVs and redefining traditional metrics like odometer readings.

4. Strategies for Dealerships:

In a rapidly evolving market, Scott offers valuable advice for dealerships looking to capitalize on the rise of used EVs. From embracing new technologies to rethinking the dealership experience, we discuss practical strategies for staying ahead in the electric vehicle revolution.

A central focus of our conversation revolves around the longevity and value proposition of EVs in the used car market. We delve into the unique characteristics of electric vehicles that differentiate them from their ICE counterparts, particularly in terms of maintenance and lifespan. By discussing the impact of factors like battery longevity and technological advancements, we challenge conventional notions surrounding the depreciation and resale value of EVs.

Furthermore, Scott and I explore innovative strategies for dealerships to capitalize on the burgeoning demand for used EVs. From creating dedicated EV sections within dealership inventories to enhancing customer experiences through specialized services, we brainstorm actionable insights aimed at empowering dealers to navigate the evolving automotive landscape successfully.

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