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The turn of a new year causes millions of people around the world to consider what goals they’d like to achieve. Sadly, many people will end up in the exact same place next year as they were the year before. Why is that?

In this episode of The David Spisak Show, David offers an in-depth look at how to convert your dreams into goals, and your goals into achievement. Is this your year to finally achieve your goals and make your dreams a reality?

What David Shares In This Episode:

  • Goals are a dream with a deadline
  • When we write our goals down and define them, we activate the sub-conscious mind
  • The conscious mind is often disrupted or interrupted throughout the day. The conscious mind can let us down because we are living in a time when you can’t even count how many social media platforms there are, or the number of notifications that went off on your phone.
  • Imagine if someone disrupted your sleep tonight with the same amount of notifications you get on your phone, chances are the quality of sleep would be poor. Now consider that it’s happening during your day.
  • For everyone’s dreams (if they come true) chances are very high that they would be transformative in your life. They would change your trajectory and even impact generations from now.
  • The difference between wishes and wants is that when you wish for something you wait for it to come to you. When you want something you go out and get it.
  • Take action to convert ‘IFs’ to ‘WHENs’ – it’s possible, with action to expect your goals and dreams to become a reality.
  • Why do some people consistently achieve goals while others don’t? It’s the difference between motivation and inspiration vs. commitment and discipline vs. discipline and devotion.

3 Steps To Achieving Your Goals

  1. Write them down so that they become a goal. Goals are dreams with a deadline.
  2. Break that goal down into daily tasks that need to be done each day until the point of achievement Doing so takes you from the “IF” category to the “WHEN” category.
  3. Do the work. Don’t stare at the task list, fulfill it. If you’re not committed to completing each task daily, you are greatly hindering your acceleration.


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