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David Spisak reflects on a conversation he had with a neuropsychologist about the effects that worrying has on our subconscious mind and our ability to achieve life’s goals. This episode is an excerpt from David’s segment on the popular Clubhouse Room, Breakfast With Champions.

What we discuss in this episode:

  • 83% of the things that people worry about never come to pass
  • Of the 17% that did come to pass, people have no control over
  • Worry stems from our creativity gene that fires up and spins out of control
  • Every child is born with an incredible amount of hope, enthusiasm, excitement. We believe as children that we can accomplish literally anything.
  • As time moves on, that hope begins to erode — the spirit has been broken. But why is that?
  • People with a high degree of self-efficacy are usually the ones who go for their dreams at all costs. Those without a degree of self-efficacy have the ambition to achieve, but often struggle to get the momentum going.
  • In order to be uncommon is that sometimes we lose complete touch with the personality traits; the attributes that defined us as a child. The attributes that brought us massive joy and incredible passion — we get disconnected from those through our formative years.
  • When we move from creativity toward adulthood and become led by responsibilities, we can lose sight of what we’re truly meant to be doing.
  • 73% of people are highly unsatisfied in their occupations because they are not loving what they do. They are doing what they are “supposed” to do.
  • Every high performing individual that David has met is in a state of happiness. They life their life. They define and design their own lives.
  • Listen to the entire episode for even more valuable insights!


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