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Many people go through life wondering “what if” or “had I only.” They are filled with regret for not accomplishing the many things they aspired to achieve. In this episode of The David Spisak Show, David shares some stories from his past that led him to the one true metric that really matters: Happiness.

Listen carefully as David explains how tapping into what makes you uncommon is the framework for true happiness, fulfillment, and monetary gain.

  • The more successful one becomes, the more interested the public at large is in who they are, what they wear, where they live, and who they’re dating.
    David is interested in how they got to be where they are.
  • David recalls his childhood and enduring difficult circumstances early on in life. He was blessed with an extraordinary mother who shouldered much of the load for David and his siblings.
    For that darkness, David cultivated a sense of humor in which he learned quickly that making others feel joy brought him joy. Humor allowed him to escape his circumstances within his brain.
  • As David grew up, he was anything but uncommon. He wasn’t a very good athlete. Academically, “I had a brain but my academics or performance wouldn’t have reflected that.”
    After getting married, David learned that he was good at sales. He had a dedication to out-work others on account of wanting to out-perform someone — anyone for once in his life.
  • It turned out that it worked out. By age 26, David was already earning $150,000 in 1986.
  • On all accounts, David and his young family were living the dream. However, a great income and a great job still left David feeling unfulfilled. The piece that was missing was his childhood love of being on stage behind a mic bringing joy to others.
  • With barely enough money to pay a few months’ worths of bills, David quit his job and began doing what he loved to do. For the first time, he was living a congruent life.
  • His first attempt to sell training didn’t go well. An abrupt “no” led to a conversation with an industry-leading coach/consultant who gave David anything but encouragement to proceed.
  • After some disappointing advice from someone who was doing great within the training and coaching industry, David was not deterred. If anything, it motivated him to push harder.
  • You cannot let what other people say dictate outcomes in your life.
  • A setback is a setup for a comeback.
  • As a result of diligently pursuing his dream, David was able to secure jobs training dealerships across the country, which eventually led to being a host on the Automotive Satellite Training network — where he met Grant Cardone for the first time.
  • While he enjoyed working with the network and expanding his reach, David began to realize how much he missed all the things he was missing out on at home. Time with his kids, special events, and occasions left him with a void feeling.
  • Each step that David took that brought him closer and more clearly toward his definition of success, the money tended to follow. Why? Because it wasn’t about the money. It was about pursuing a course that brought him happiness and fulfillment.
  • He was offered a job at a Mercedes-Benz dealership of which he would eventually become the owner, and President.
  • Under his leadership, David helped that store go from earning just over $1million per year to making $25 million per year and becoming the most profitable dealership in the history of the car business.
  • David explains that none of that would have happened if he didn’t walk away from the first job.
  • It wouldn’t have happened if he wasn’t doing staying true to the very fabric that made him uncommon.
  • Everything started with David discovering what was uncommon about himself so that he could have an uncommon path, and uncommon journey; make uncommon decisions in order to enjoy an uncommon life.
  • How can you become the best version of yourself if you’re not acknowledging what makes you uncommon?
  • The moment that you stand true to what makes you uncommon, you will blast through the barriers holding you back!
  • While financial liberation at the levels we’ve come to learn about are incredible, the reality of what everyone wants is happiness. Money is a byproduct of happiness. It will not sustain or keep you at the level you really want to be.
  • Seek what makes you uncommon and you will be happy because you will be living with the person you were supposed to be all along.

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