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Beach Pace is a former Bomb Squad Executive Officer and Commander within the Ordinance Branch of the US Army, CEO of Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Columbia, and Hillsboro City Councillor. Beach has demonstrated that it’s ok to go beyond the expectations traditionally set by society; that it’s possible to go bigger and higher than one might think is possible, especially when engaged in the service of others.

What David Spisak and Beach Pace Discuss In This Episode:

  • All of us typically go into the workforce, and one day we go through a process of becoming something other than what we hoped. It’s almost like we’re laundering ourselves, and we wake up as somebody doing not what we intended to do as a child, not what we dreamt of doing as a child, but what we’re “supposed” to do.
  • Beach explains that it’s easy to get stuck in “the system,” with expectations placed upon us not just from school but also from society. Something she’s felt like as a lesbian, and knowing as you grow up that you’re different from what people expect as standard.
  • There’s societal pressure to succeed, but Beach can’t recall anyone ever asking her or other children, for that matter, what makes them happy or what excites them?
  • Adults must have deeper conversations with their children to help them understand what they are passionate about and what fuels their excitement. Then, rather than just working their butts off to support children, they can understand how to help set them up to succeed.
  • David shares that people who stay closely connected to the person they were as a child tend to be happier have successes, and know without question what makes them happy.
  • Beach recalls her insatiable curiosity as a child — the desire to increase her understanding continually.
  • Beach shares about her time in the military and attending the academy. Everything they do there is to train them to become ethical and trustworthy leaders. Looking back, Beach understands that so much of what she learned during her experience in the military has helped shape the leader that she is today, from boardrooms to her seat on the city council.
  • Bad leaders can pull an entire organization down — they can be so harmful to a team that it’s difficult for Beach to watch, especially because she knows there is an alternative. But, better leadership is always possible.
  • If you’re looking for somebody who will be a leader, especially in politics, it’s essential to see a history of service outside of politics.
    Beach shares that she grows most when she talks to folks who, on paper, she’s opposed to. She thrives when she is pushed and takes a moment to think. Respectful discourse and collaboration are vital to moving forward and progressing in society.

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