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In this episode, I have the privilege of hosting the vibrant and dynamic Damian Boudreaux. Damian is an internationally recognized speaker, consultant, and teacher for the automotive industry. His 30+ years of experience selling, training, and connecting with auto professionals across the US and Canada is the perfect recipe for those hungry to improve every area of their lives. He educates and inspires folks to succeed by believing in themselves, the deal, their product, their company, and their service–one lifelong relationship at a time.

Founder of Auto Training Academy, Author of Keep It Simple Selling, Co-Author with Ali Reda of How to Sell 100 Cars a Month, and High Performance Coach for the 100 Cars Club – his unique approach to relationship selling has helped thousands of salespeople in this business.

What We Discuss In This Episode:

1. The Evolution of Sales: We start by dissecting the industry’s seismic shifts, from the pre-pandemic boom to the current post-chip shortage era. Damian unravels the complexities and challenges faced by sales associates during this transition.

2. The Revenge of the Customer: Delving into the aftermath of the industry’s recent challenges, we explore the repercussions of overcharging and how dealerships are now facing the “revenge” of dissatisfied customers. Damian shares insights into the importance of building lasting customer relationships.

3. Building a Resilient Culture: Damian and I unravel the critical role of dealership culture. From treating everyone with dignity to cultivating an environment of delight, we discuss how a strong, intentional culture can shape the success and longevity of a dealership.

4. The Role of Salespeople: Damian emphasizes the pivotal role salespeople play in this evolving landscape. We explore why an overreliance on dealership-generated leads may hinder success and how a shift in mindset is crucial for salespeople to thrive in the long run.

5. Why Salespeople Succeed or Fail: We decode the mystery behind initial success and subsequent struggles in the car business.

6. Building a Sales Team for the Future: Explore unconventional yet effective strategies for recruiting and hiring top-performing salespeople. Uncover the secrets to developing a sales team deeply connected to the community and committed to long-term success.

We wrap up the episode by delving into strategies for sustainable growth in the industry. Damian shares insights on how dealerships can navigate the evolving landscape, maximize employee potential, and prioritize the customer experience.

This episode is more than a conversation; it’s a roadmap for industry players seeking survival and supremacy in the rapidly changing auto landscape. Join Damian Boudreaux and me as we redefine the game’s rules, challenge conventional thinking, and pave the way for a new era in automotive excellence.

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