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Embarking on the entrepreneurship journey is similar to setting out into an uncharted desert. You forge ahead, fueled by ambition, without knowing exactly where the path will lead.

In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Ross Cohen, an entrepreneur, and visionary who began his journey at the age of 16. Ross, the co-founder of BeenVerified and bumper. With a wealth of experience in marketing and data analytics, Ross spearheaded the creation of Bumper, a revolutionary player in the automotive data realm.

What We Discuss In This Episode:

1. The Birth of Bumper:

  • Ross walks us through the genesis of Bumper, highlighting the pivotal role data and marketing played in identifying opportunities within marketplaces like Facebook.

2. Navigating Peer-to-Peer:

  • Delving into the world of peer-to-peer transactions, Ross sheds light on Bumper’s strategic approach in a market dominated by giants like Carfax. The focus on the cost per acquisition and lifetime value forms the backbone of their success.

3. From B2C to B2B:

  • Ross unveils the evolution of Bumper’s strategy, explaining the shift from consumer-centric advertising to potential collaborations with dealerships. Discover the untapped potential in Bumper’s treasure trove of consumer data.

4. Unleashing Bumper’s Potential for Dealerships:

  • The conversation takes an exciting turn as Ross hints at the game-changing possibilities for dealerships. Imagine having access to hyper-localized consumer insights and data, enabling dealers to target their audience with surgical precision.

5. Beyond Vehicle History:

  • Ross opens the door to a new frontier in automotive data, discussing how Bumper’s extensive data sets could redefine the dealership experience. The emphasis is not just on vehicle history but on creating a holistic understanding of consumer behavior and preferences.

6. The Value Beyond Price:

  • Forget the pricing war. Ross emphasizes the importance of delivering value to dealerships that goes beyond cost considerations. Bumper aims to revolutionize the market by providing unique insights and services that set them apart from the traditional players.

7. The Bumper Advantage:

  • Discover what sets bumper apart in the automotive data landscape. From VIN data acquisition to providing valuable insights for dealerships, learn how bumper is revolutionizing the way we approach vehicle history.

Unearth the invaluable lessons learned throughout Ross’s entrepreneurial journey. From the importance of timing to the power of naivety, explore the elements that shaped his path.

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