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In this episode of the David Spisak show, David explores how to build unwavering self-belief. The kind of self-belief that dispels fear so that you can accomplish extraordinary heights of success. David knows from personal experience that we are each susceptible to letting fear creep into our lives, especially when we are trying something new.

Noteworthy Topics About Self-Belief:

00:59 – David shares that he has always been curious about how things work and why. He wanted to connect the dots between where somebody came from and the experiences they’ve been through and how life has turned out for them. What are the defining moments that have shaped what people make of themselves?

01:42 – We are all looking for happiness. We’re all looking for some form of sustainable self-fulfillment and we’re looking for whatever our brand or our definition of success is whatever that might be.

02:16 – David explains why he even cares, and why he’s on a mission to explore people’s defining moments and share them on this podcast. As he reflects on his 62 years on this earth, he’s had a passion for discovering what allowed him to leverage seemingly the same combination of attributes and personality traits and somehow get much more out of them at one time than he could have ever previously.

02:57 – David shares two simple assessments that anybody can do to be able to help them accomplish gaining clarity on exactly what it is that makes them uncommon and allows them to leverage what they’ve learned to move in the right direction moving forward.

06:38 – Why most people dare to dream.

07:45 – How to discover one’s dominant personality trait.

10:09 – When is the last time you dreamed something grandiose or really phenomenal? As children we are able to capture the magic — we were limitless, we believed deeply in ourselves. Somewhere along the way, perhaps through the academic process, we were conditioned to think differently.

20:12 – Once you’ve completed the exercises discussed in this episode, you’ll understand the purpose is to identify what you’re truly capable of, and what you bring in terms of value. You will discover what makes you uncommon, and in so doing, build an unwavering self-belief.

Listen to the full episode for even more insights about building unwavering self-belief.


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