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Benjamin Long is the Senior Executive of partnerships at Live Nation Entertainment and has over 20 years of experience across media, monetization, content & distributions. Today Ben is responsible for driving strategy and overseeing the development and execution of high-value global partnerships within Live Nation’s technology, mobile, and consumer electronics verticals.

In this episode of The David Spisak show, Ben and David discuss the dominant personality traits that have helped him achieve uncommon success.

What David Spisak and Ben Long discuss in this episode:

  • 04:53 – Ben shares a little bit about his upbringing. He was an only child and lived in a house where the bathroom was an outhouse. From those humble beginnings to dealing with new siblings from his parent’s other relationship caused his competitive nature to surge.
  • 06:06 – Ben recalls taking a personality test where his number one personality trait highlighted was competitiveness. He’s always fighting for something.
  • 10:44 – Ben shares that his stepfather grew up poor and had to work for everything he had. From eating bologna sandwiches to getting a full-ride football scholarship and eventually becoming a doctor, he instilled in Ben the importance of working for what you want.
  • 11:54 – Often difficult to realize at the moment how our upbringing plays a tremendous role in who we are and how we operate today.
  • 19:02 – Ben is also driven by an insatiable curiosity. Coupled with his competitive spirit, Ben explains that he’s not the kind of person who just goes along for the ride. He has a desire to learn why and how things work the way they do. If he joins a team, he’s driven to learn whatever it takes to become the best on the team.
  • 21:32 – David shares that he believes curiosity is a superpower. When one talks about humility, one can’t be curious and arrogant. When we are curious, we tend to embody a kid-like sense of wonder.
  • 26:43 – Ben had the top underground supper club in San Francisco and was able to create out of thin air, a movement, where people were dying to get reservations for his restaurant pop-up.

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Thank you, Benjamin W. Long

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