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In this episode of The David Spisak Show, David explains how people can experience an extraordinary life despite living through difficult times.

From war in Ukraine to increasing pressure on the economy, many millions of people throughout the world are faced with challenges that are beyond their control.

David, of course, is fascinated by the concept of becoming uncommon — doing what needs to be done in one’s life in order to live a life well-deserved; a life bigger and bolder than we might think is possible.

Noteworthy takeaways about how to overcome hard times in an uncommon way.

00:30 – David’s thoughts are with his team in Ukraine who continue to suffer at the hands of Russia. It has been a pleasure and honor to work with a team of developers in the Ukraine and David has found them consistently to be extraordinary humans.

01:05 – David is forever in search of uncommon and finds it a pleasure to bring listeners of the podcast stories about people who are just that: uncommon.

01:23 – You don’t have to be a celebrity or be a big star in order to achieve uncommon success in life. That’s the beautiful thing about success. It’s within all of our reaches. Every one of us has the ability to reach down inside and pull out that, which is truly uncommon.

01:52 – When we really start tapping into what makes us uncommon, leveraging it, and doing it in a way that allows us to live an extraordinary life.

02:21 – The economy today, in all likelihood, is having an impact on you. From rising interest rates to inflation to it becoming increasingly difficult to purchase a home, we’ve seen hyperinflation continue to attack people’s wallets.

03:29 – Despite the increasingly difficult times, there are those who are actually viewing what’s going on as a time of tremendous opportunity. You see, people throughout history have used times of downturn to create a massive positive impact on their wealth.

07:12 – David attributes a large part of his success to the retail automobile industry. “You can walk in with no money down, you don’t have to pay for college. You don’t have to take courses, you don’t have to have a certification level. You can just show up… once you get in, you apply yourself. You put yourself all in every single day, and uncommon things can happen.”

10:58 – When times are tough, what are we willing to do to change our circumstances? There is always something that can be done to improve and go to the next level of success. It comes down to asking yourself what you’re willing to do to win long-term whereas most people are looking to experience short-term satisfaction.

21:12 – Every day, allow yourself to become uncommon and to live an extraordinary life. You are in control and you deserve the best that this life has to offer.

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