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Josh Aryeh is on a mission to bring love and hope to children battling life-threatening illnesses, as Batman with exotic cars. In this episode of The David Spisak show, we’ll get a glimpse into how Josh arrived at his life’s purpose today with the desire to bless the lives of others. As it turns out, Josh explains that the most sustainable way to find joy is through serving others.

What we discuss in this episode:

  • To understand how Josh became who he is today, David asks about his childhood and upbringing. “Respectful but shy” is how Josh describes himself. He wasn’t outgoing, but notes that he always tended to have a desire to help others. It’s something that he believes was always within him.
  • “It’s just my natural inclination. I just love helping people, and the feeling I get from doing so is honestly 100x better than any business deal I’ve ever done. It’s a totally different feeling.”
  • Oftentimes people pursue material objects with the hope that they will find fulfillment. IN reality, there is no end to their pursuit because once they obtain the thing they want, they tend just to want more of it. Serving others is the only true way to relieve oneself from that neverending burden.
  • David shares one of his favorite quotes, “Be kind, everyone’s fighting a battle,” and relates it to the fact that oftentimes, we think that money is the only way to contribute to helping someone. Josh is proving that bringing a smile to someone’s face can have even more value and a lasting impact because it can positively affect both the giver and receiver.

Listen to the full episode for even more powerful insights from Josh Aryeh.

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