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In this episode of The David Spisak show, David explores a topic that is critically important to anybody who has ever felt like there is more within them to explore. This episode is meant to help us discover how and what we can do to live the best life that we know is still in front of us without reserve or doubt. It’s about how to develop our personal traits and attributes so that we can be more, do more, and achieve more than we ever thought possible.

What David shares in this episode:

  • Most people are often stuck between two states: Doing everything we can to be grateful and live in the moment, or dissatisfied, disappointed, and feeling unhappy.
  • The very fact that we know that we have more within us, that there’s more we could accomplish that we could be earning more money, getting paid more money, getting a greater level of acknowledgment, recognition, and accolades.
  • If you feel like that, you’re in a really large club, it may be one of the least exclusive in the world, and David is a part of it!
  • What we get done, and what we accomplish in life are typically greatly driven by our skills., our personality traits, and our attributes.
  • We have all gone pretty much as far as we can go with what we currently have in our repertoire, And so if we want to be able to do more, we have to be able to be more.
  • In order to go to the next level in life (whatever that means to you), it’s important to acquire all of the knowledge required to support your efforts in elevating yourself.
  • The people in your world are wrong to not bet on you, but the greater tragedy is if you don’t bet on yourself because at the end of the day it doesn’t matter if other people bet on us or not.
  • It is your own mind. It is your mental state. It is your conviction. It is your belief. It is your drive. It is your passion. It’s your focus. It’s all in your hands. But let’s face it. You cannot go out and fully leverage something. If you don’t even know what you have, think about a sports team when they do a coaching change.
  • What’s the first thing that a new general manager or a new coach does. Yes. They take inventory of the team. They take inventory of all of the pieces of the team from the front office. To the people on the floor, to the people on the field, and based on what they see over a period of time, they are going to make prescriptive moves in order to be able to achieve a specific outcome.
  • No coach in their right mind is going to walk in on day one and say, okay, here’s everything I want to do. Here’s the new playbook? Who is someone going to trade here’s? Who I’m going to bring on as a free. That plan would never work, but they also know until they run, unless they fully did an assessment of the talent, they may never find out that that kid sitting at the end of the bench for the last two years was a superstar in the making.
  • They may never have found out that the kid that does a very average score turns out to be the best leader on the floor that he or she has ever seen. You are that team, your attributes are the members of that team, your skillset, and your personality traits are the members of that team. You are the coach, you are the general manager, and like that GM and that coach, you should take inventory of yourself.
  • If you take action on what you find with full commitment and consistency, you’re unstoppable.
  • Take time after listening to this episode to take this assessment of yourself quietly and honestly. David shares some thought-provoking questions that can help you understand more about the power that is already in you to become uncommon.
  • Listen to the full episode for even more uncommon insights from David Spisak.

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