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Alex Lawrence is a serial entrepreneur with expertise in software, consumer Internet, real estate, and venture capital. He has raised over $25MM in capital and achieved significant success, including a partnership that ranked #34 on the Inc. 500 list. Currently a faculty member specializing in Internet Sales and Technology at Weber State University, Alex is also a sought-after investor, mentor, speaker, author, and technology expert. He frequently appears on KSL Channel 5 and enjoys outdoor activities in Utah with his family.

In this episode, David Spisak sits down with the brilliant entrepreneur and subject matter expert, Alex Lawrence, PhD, to delve deep into the electric vehicle (EV) landscape. With Alex’s extensive background in entrepreneurship and education, this captivating conversation offers unique perspectives and explores the challenges and opportunities surrounding EVs.

Charging Infrastructure and the Tesla Advantage

Discover how Tesla has revolutionized the EV market with its unique charging network. David and Alex explore the impact of Tesla’s strategic move, turning it into a potential gas station giant for EVs. Learn how this decision might shape the future of EV charging and why other automakers are opting to join Tesla’s charging network.

Government Involvement: The Catalyst or Hindrance?

Get insights into the role of government incentives and funding in the EV industry. Despite varying opinions on government intervention, David and Alex discuss how past assistance has shaped the success of companies like Tesla. Explore the potential effects of government involvement and its impact on EV adoption.

The EV Landscape: Winners and Losers

Find out why some EV companies may face an uphill battle in the market. David and Alex analyze the potential fate of new EV entrants and whether they can survive the ever-evolving landscape. Uncover the key factors that might determine the long-term success of various EV brands and the challenges they may encounter.

How will this episode captivate you?

David Spisak and Alex Lawrence as they uncover the dynamic and transformative world of electric vehicles. This captivating episode offers a unique perspective on the EV landscape, with insightful discussions on Tesla’s impact, government involvement, and the future of the electric revolution. Prepare to be engaged, challenged, and enlightened as you explore the fascinating world of EVs with these two industry experts.

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