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Cliff Banks is the President and founder at The Banks Report &

Cliff Banks has been an automotive professional for over 30 years and a journalist for over 20, with a unique history of innovation and entrepreneurship in the analysis sector of the automotive industry. Cliff founded The Banks Report in 2013 to fill what he knew was an unmet need for a publication covering the automotive business from an investment perspective. As a leading journalist, his insights are sought after by hundreds of dealers each month, making him the go-to source for staying abreast of industry developments.

What We Discuss In This Episode:

AUTOVATE Unveiled: Explore the unique atmosphere of AUTOVATE, an extraordinary event that brings together brilliant minds in the industry.

Behind the Banks Report: Discover the indispensable role of The Banks Report in keeping dealers abreast of industry shifts, from OEM initiatives to technological advancements.

Conversations That Matter: Cliff shares the magic of AUTOVATE’s stage, where intelligent and accomplished industry players engage in candid conversations, offering unparalleled insights.

Event Highlights: Delve into the impactful presentations, from Glenn Mercer’s insightful retrospectives to John Murphy’s data-driven projections, creating a unique setting for substantial conversations.

EV Landscape Unveiled: Cliff unveils fascinating revelations from AUTOVATE, including Chinese automakers exploring partnerships in the U.S. and the intriguing story of VinFast’s potential half-billion-dollar government loan.

Challenges in EV Adoption: Understand dealers’ challenges in the electric vehicle landscape, from losses on EV sales to the complexities of government incentives and the impending IRS issue.

The Tesla Phenomenon: Explore the cult-like following of Tesla and how it shapes perceptions of EVs, highlighting the uncertainty surrounding actual customer demand.

The Road to 2030: John Murphy’s insights into future EV production spark a discussion on the industry’s path to 2030, exploring factors such as customer demand, manufacturer investments, and the impact of Tesla’s unique allure.

Join us as we unravel the intricacies of AUTOVATE and gain a front-row seat to the conversations shaping the future of the automotive industry. Whether you’re a dealer, investor, or just passionate about cars, this episode is your ticket to the room where it all happens.

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