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Have you ever wondered why the automotive landscape seems to be shifting so dramatically in recent years? The rising cost of new cars and the scarcity of affordable options? Do you question the sustainability of the automotive industry as it stands today?

In this episode, we unravel the fascinating dynamics of the automotive world and decode the signals that hint at the return of OEM programs. Tune in to discover how these changes affect both dealers and buyers, and why it’s crucial to pay attention to these shifts.

Episode Highlights:

Unveiling the Missing Programs

Have you ever wondered what happened to those enticing OEM programs we used to enjoy before the pandemic? In this episode, we unravel the current state of OEM programs and discover why their return is more vital than ever.

The Disappearing Affordable Cars

Remember when you could find a dozen cars under $20,000? Fast forward to today, and there’s only one. Join us as we discuss the implications of this drastic change in the automotive market and what it means for consumers.

The Rise of Six-Figure Cars

How is it possible that we now have 32 models selling for over $100,000? Dive into the reasons behind this shift in vehicle pricing and what it means for both dealers and buyers.

The Uncharted Territory of Interest Rates

With interest rates soaring and loan terms extending, the automotive landscape is undergoing a seismic shift. Discover how these changes affect both buyers and dealers.

Dealers’ Resilience Amidst Challenges

Amidst these headwinds, automotive dealers and their buyers continue to adapt and thrive. We commend their resiliency and explore how they navigate the changing tides.

What Should You Do?

David offers actionable advice to consumers and dealerships alike:

  • Know Your Numbers: Understand the financial realities of your car-buying decisions like never before.
  • Gauge Your Trajectory: Gain insights into where your dealership is heading in this rapidly changing landscape.
  • Up-Level Everyone: Elevate your team’s skills and knowledge to meet the challenges of today’s market.
  • Seek Validation: If you’re unsure about your strategies, connect with David for expert guidance.

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