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Today’s conversation is nothing short of extraordinary. I have the privilege of sitting down with a true industry luminary, Patrick Abad, the General Manager of the renowned Beaver Toyota in Cumming, Georgia.

Patrick is not just a seasoned operator and businessperson; he’s a true leader in the retail auto industry. As the General Manager of Beaver Toyota, Patrick has earned massive respect for his exceptional skills, both professionally and personally. Join us as we uncover the wisdom behind Patrick’s leadership and the unique culture that sets Beaver Toyota apart.”

What We Discuss In This Episode:

1. The Untold Story of Beaver Toyota’s Used Car Success:

  • Unveiling the secrets behind Beaver Toyota’s impressive used car operation.
  • How Patrick and his team consistently outperform competitors in procuring and selling used cars.
  • Overcoming industry challenges and turning them into opportunities for growth.

2. Building a Remarkable Culture: Beyond the Bottom Line:

  • The importance of employee turnover: How Beaver Toyota maintains a staggering 3 percent turnover rate.
  • Patrick’s unique perspective on the correlation between culture and profit.
  • Going beyond financial rewards: How personal and professional development play key roles in Beaver Toyota’s success.

3. Leadership Wisdom: The Power of People-First Mentality:

  • Patrick’s approach to servant leadership and its transformative impact on the dealership.
  • Unpacking the three pillars of support: Financial, Professional, and Personal.
  • The role of genuine care and empathy in creating a powerful workplace culture.

4. The Challenge of Sustainable Success:

  • Reflecting on the recent challenges in the automotive industry.
  • Differentiating between external and internal forces for sustained success.
  • Why a people-first culture is the key to navigating changing landscapes.

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