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Ever wondered what happens when the interviewer becomes the interviewee? Join me, David Spisak, on an unexpected journey as my guest, Brad Mugg, turns the tables and delves into my own story.

What We Discuss In This Episode:

After Brad Mugg turns the tables and decides to interview me instead, the conversation takes a fascinating turn. Initially taken aback by the shift in roles, I find myself delving into various aspects of my life that I rarely discuss publicly. Brad’s probing questions lead me to reflect on my journey, from humble beginnings in San Francisco to my career in the automotive industry.

I share anecdotes from my childhood, growing up in the diverse Mission district of San Francisco, where my mixed heritage often sparked curiosity. Despite facing challenges, such as my father’s absence and the need to navigate a turbulent adolescence, I found resilience in pursuing opportunities that came my way.

Joining the Navy’s nuclear power program was a pivotal moment that shaped my trajectory. Although initially hesitant about the prospect of serving on a Trident submarine, I seized the chance to explore my potential. Ultimately, my military experience instilled discipline and determination, laying the foundation for my future endeavors.

By the end of our discussion, I walk away with a newfound appreciation for the transformative power of introspection. Brad’s insightful questions have not only allowed me to reflect on my past but also inspired me to embrace the future with renewed vigor and purpose.

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