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An article in the Journal of Consumer Research concludes that, in the United States, “busyness and overwork, rather than a leisurely lifestyle, have become a status symbol”. The authors suggest this is so because of the perception that busy individuals possess desired “human capital characteristics” such as competence and ambition, leading them to be viewed as scarce and in demand. It’s even suggested that just signaling your busyness in conversation (even if you’re not really that busy) increases the perception by others that you must be extra valuable.

In this solo episode David Spisak delves into the modern phenomenon of being “crazy busy” and how it affects our personal and professional lives. He explores the idea that we are getting busier with more activities but not necessarily with more accomplishment. David sheds light on how people often confuse activity with accomplishment, and why this is a slippery slope.

He discusses how busyness has become a status symbol, and people equate effort with achievement regardless of output. David emphasizes the importance of rewarding output, not just effort, and eliminating low-value work to increase productivity. He also suggests enforcing time off to avoid burnout. David challenges listeners to ask themselves, “Did you actually achieve anything today?” and offers practical tips for achieving true productivity.

He also shares his winning experience at a local grocery store meat raffle that changed his outlook on achieving goals. He reflects on the notion that people equate busyness with productivity, and how it has become a status symbol in our society. David emphasizes that people need to focus on achieving goals, not just being busy, and shares his thoughts on how people should measure their productivity.

Join David in this thought-provoking episode as he challenges conventional beliefs and encourages listeners to focus on achieving goals and not just being busy.

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