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Is the electric vehicle (EV) revolution facing an unexpected twist? Why are major automakers hesitating and what role does China play in the global EV market?

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Tune in as we dive deep into these pressing questions with Michael Dunne, the global authority on EVs. Discover why “everyone other than Tesla should be terrified of BYD” and what it means when every car is made in China.

What We Discuss In This Episode

We start by addressing the unexpected drop in EV sales penetration globally. Countries like Germany and Sweden have scaled back their incentives, and even OEMs who have invested billions are reconsidering their commitments due to declining demand. What caused this shift, and is it a temporary blip or a long-term trend?

A significant portion of our conversation focuses on the strategic implications of the automotive supply chain. As Western automakers increase their reliance on Chinese manufacturing, they inadvertently weaken their own supply chains. Dunne outlines the risks associated with this dependency, particularly in terms of battery production and the refining of essential minerals, which are dominated by China.

This episode also explores the pivotal roles played by industry leaders and governments in this dynamic. From Elon Musk’s influence on the electric vehicle movement to China’s strategic policies encouraging innovation and investment in the EV sector, these elements have collectively steered the global market towards a new reality.

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