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In this episode, David offers his thoughts about the power of counterintuitive thinking and how it’s helped him achieve uncommon success throughout his career and life journey.

Does Counterintuitive Thinking Make A Difference?

00:55 – Times have changed greatly since David grew up in the sixties. Back then, the goal was to land a job that you would be able to tolerate for 30 years and then have a magnificent retirement ceremony. They’d present you with the gold watch (which wasn’t made of gold), get your pension, and if you were lucky, sail off into the sunset.

“I can’t imagine anything at that time that I would have wanted to do for decades. I wanted to find something that I could be inspired by, to work for people that would inspire me, to work in a career that would motivate me to want to get better and better. Like many people, I didn’t know my potential at that time. Let’s face it, most people in their twenties and thirties don’t know their potential.”

3:18 – David encourages us to ask a very important question about whether or not the path we are on will deliver us to our desired course and outcome in life. Has the traditional way of thinking brought us the success and lifestyle we want, or are we left wanting?

5:00 – David shares anecdotes and experiences from his growth journey and how had it not been for counterintuitive thinking would not have helped him achieve the success that he has today. As David suggests, the brilliance in the narrative is that anyone can achieve their definition of success in life.

16:00 – There were times that David didn’t make any money along the way. There were times that, because of believing in his potential, he left a healthy salary, a 401K, and the security of a J.O.B to pursue what he ultimately believed would help him grow.

Listen to the full episode for even more insights into the power of counterintuitive thinking.

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