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In this riveting episode, I sit down with industry veteran Brian Kramer, the EVP at and General Manager of AccuTrade, and Joel Bassam from Eastern Automotive Group, to uncover the secrets behind successful used car management.

What We Discuss In This Episode:

We began by exploring the shifting focus points for automotive dealers in 2024. Brian highlighted the continued rise in importance of used cars within the industry, emphasizing the significance of tools like AccuTrade in managing inventory efficiently and maximizing profitability. His insights shed light on the evolving dynamics of the market and the pivotal role that accurate appraisal tools play in driving dealership success.

Joel added valuable perspectives from his experience at Eastern Automotive Group, emphasizing the importance of streamlining processes to minimize friction in the sales experience. He stressed the need for a customer-centric approach, focusing on providing a seamless transaction process that prioritizes customer satisfaction over maximizing profit at every step.

Throughout the episode, we explored the concept of maximizing profitability in the used car department while minimizing wholesale losses. Joel and Brian shared strategies for optimizing inventory acquisition, leveraging real-time data to make informed decisions, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement within dealerships.

We also touched upon the role of technology in revolutionizing the automotive industry, particularly in empowering dealerships to make data-driven decisions and streamline operations. Brian highlighted the innovative features of AccuTrade’s inventory intelligence platform, demonstrating how it enables dealers to stay ahead of market trends and make strategic buying decisions.

Don’t miss this enlightening discussion that promises to revolutionize your approach to automotive excellence. Tune in now and unlock the secrets to automotive success!

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