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In this episode I had the pleasure of hosting Scott Crompton Digital Marketing Director at Victory Automotive Group and Ron Andrews, the Vice President of Media and Digital at Cars Commerce.

What We Discuss In This Episode:

Our conversation delved into the intricacies of automotive marketing strategies and the unique opportunities presented by the Cars Commerce platform. We started by discussing the audience differentiation offered by Cars Commerce, highlighting the platform’s ability to reach 25 to 30 million unique in-market car shoppers every month. This audience comprises individuals actively considering purchasing a vehicle, with a significant percentage still undecided on their purchase decision.

Scott emphasized the efficiency and effectiveness of Cars Commerce in reaching these in-market shoppers compared to traditional advertising channels. He highlighted the importance of first-party data and personalized targeting in maximizing return on ad spend and improving overall marketing performance. This personalized approach allows dealerships to eliminate waste and focus their resources on engaging with potential customers who are genuinely interested in purchasing a vehicle.

Furthermore, we explored the significance of understanding and targeting potential EV shoppers in today’s automotive market. Despite common misconceptions, Scott emphasized the importance of treating each customer as an individual and tailoring marketing efforts to match their preferences and needs, whether they are considering ICE vehicles, hybrids, or EVs. By leveraging first-party data and advanced targeting capabilities, dealerships can effectively connect with EV shoppers and enhance their overall shopping experience.

Ron highlighted the importance of partnership over a vendor-client relationship, emphasizing Cars Commerce’s commitment to understanding each dealership’s unique goals and challenges. By providing personalized solutions and leveraging innovative technologies, Cars Commerce aims to empower dealerships to stand out in their market, improve their online presence, and drive more qualified leads. This partnership approach fosters mutual trust and collaboration, ultimately leading to better outcomes for both dealerships and their customers.

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