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In this episode of The David Spisak Show, David shares a powerful analogy in which he likens us to mobile apps. Surprisingly there are many similarities, and more importantly, David explains that there is a real power to harness when we understand the programmable nature within us.

How Humans Are Like Mobile Apps:

01:35 – David shares that are some similarities between us and mobile apps worth noting. There are lessons that are worth learning that will allow us to be able to literally transform from wherever we are now to precisely where we want to be.

03:21 – Think about the top ten most downloaded apps right now. Why do they rank as well as they do? Because they’re considered the best of the best. Why? Because of engagement. They’ve become indispensable because of the value they assert in the minds of their users.

05:51 – Typically it takes somewhere around four to six months, sometimes longer to reprogram the human mind, specifically our subconscious, which is what drives us. Coincidentally, a smartphone app can take anywhere between six and 12 months to develop.

“They were programmed by developers who were hired by somebody to be able to code that app, to do exactly what they wanted and intended for it to do.

We, on the other hand, who developed us, and who were our coders? Well, in all likelihood, it was our parents. They probably had an awful lot to do with the lines, the millions and millions of lines of code in your subconscious mind, perhaps it was teachers, perhaps it was family, friends, coaches, or your own personal friends, perhaps it experienced along the way, perhaps it was a boss.

But over the course of your lifetime, whether right now, if you’re 15 or you’re 50 or more, you’ve got a lot of code in your subconscious mind. And more importantly, that exact code, that precise code, whether it was intentional or unintentional is causing you to react and respond.”

08:51 – David shares the story of a couple to demonstrate the reality of our programming and how we’ve been coded to do things in a certain way; to react the way that we do.

17:21 – David shifts the paradigm of achieving success by noting:

“The truth is that you don’t want to achieve success or happiness or fulfillment. The truth is that you want to sustain it. I don’t want to achieve success. I want to sustain it. I don’t want to achieve happiness, I want to sustain it.

So do you. If you go through life with the ups and downs of, Hey, being happy and then boring boom being down here and now you’re happy. And now you’re down here, man. That’s not an easy life. That’s not the life that you want. That’s a life that in between those moments, there’s gonna be a lot of disappointment.

It’s gonna be a lot of angst. It’s gonna be a lot of anger. It’s gonna be a lot of frustration. And sometimes there’s a lot of space between down here and up here. Wouldn’t you much rather live a life where you have consistently sustained levels of peace, harmony, happiness, success, achievement, and fulfillment?”

Listen to the full episode for even more powerful insights about how people are very similar to smartphone apps, shared by David Spisak.

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