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Barbara Majeski is dedicated to living life with purpose and approaching all aspects of living with confidence and after recovering from her divorce and Stage III cancer the “Curator of the Good Life” was born. In this episode of the David Spisak show, Barbara shares how she has overcome life’s challenges to living an extraordinary life by design.

Noteworthy Topics from this episode:

04:40 – Barbara shares that all of the adversity that she’s experienced in her life ended up allowing her to be able to draw from a well that is much deeper filled with compassion and gratitude. Sometimes when we experience adversity there is a tendency to wonder why it’s happening to us. Barbara shares that there has been nothing that hasn’t caused her to end up on the higher ground and to grow stronger.

05:25 – Adversity has helped Barbara understand that the universe has big things for her. She recalls a quote that someone shared with her as she underwent cancer treatments, “The toughest battles are given to the strongest soldiers.”

12:43 – A habit and a trait of highly successful people is to stay optimistic, even through adversity. When this is the case, it attracts other like-minded and equally optimistic people into our sphere of influence which can help alleviate much of the burden of the challenges that we may be going through.

14:22 – David asks how Barbara ended up getting into direct sales. She shares her story and the motivation behind it. With no shame, Barbara admits that she likes money and wanted to make it rain. She was broke and made the decision to not be broke anymore. That determination led to a flourishing career.

20:42 – As you grow to uncommon levels of success, there will be many who try and tear you down. It requires tenacity and fortitude to overcome the naysayers and the forces that are trying to work against you.

21:27 – Growth and overcoming adversity requires having a clear purpose.

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